Who we are

Swadha Kapoor and Vidur Kapoor are the founders of Eidos Career, a premium career advisory service for high school students starting from class 8 till 12. Both Swadha and Vidur have a combined experience of more than 30 years in the education industry. they share a common passion – each one is actively involved in helping students from different walks of life. They pooled their considerable experience, knowledge and resources and brought together a highly qualified team of counsellors and advisors who are equipped to help students make the right choice for their career .

Our name symbolizes our approach

Eidos,a Greek term meaning essence symbolizes our approach as education advisors. We were inspired by the idea that to realise the true potential of a student one needs to really see their form and capture that essence. Our aim is to use multiple tools to understand each student’s interest and natural inclination towards a career and help them make the most important decision of their life. Working as a team, we help students find the best match, help them communicate their achievements and talents to the best colleges in India and Abroad so that they are on the fast track to success.

At Eidos Career,we call our counsellors as coaches because we believe that our role is not to just provide information, but to guide and encourage each student to realise their own potential.

At Eidos Career we strive for the highest standards of professional service. Our counsellors practice respectful behaviour in dealings with our students, their families and the schools. We are transparent about what we are and are not capable of doing. We recognize that each student is unique and, after a professional evaluation, we give advice according to the student's background and goals. We provide the best tailor made service to each student keeping in mind their best interests.

Why EIDOS career

  • We have more than 30 years of experience in the education industry with a highly qualified team of professionals at your service
  • Our coaches are certified from UCLA to counsel you
  • We have in-depth knowledge of the careers and their practical outcomes because of our strong ties with the industry and so we can guide a student towards careers which will be more beneficial to them in the future.
  • Students can shadow a professional and experience first hand what their chosen career entails. This is possible because of our vast network within the industry
  • One dedicated coach who will become a friend, advisor and guide for each student and who will be there with them till they reach their preferred college
  • We have a tie up with Cambridge Occupational Analysts who are conducting testing for careers for the last 30 years and are the leaders in this sector in the world.
  • We call in professionals who conduct seminars so that students can meet people in their chosen stream and make educated decisions about their career
  • Personalised attention and tailor made portfolio for each student because we understand that each student is unique
  • We are not consultants for any university, hence we give an unbiased and completely honest recommendation to each student regarding which colleges they should apply to
  • We also provide scholarship assistance and advice


We have a tie up with Cambridge Occupational Analysts (COA). They have worked with more than 3,000 schools in the UK and across the globe in over 50 countries for the last 30 years to deliver a fully comprehensive range of careers programmes and aptitude tests. The technical quality of the products is paramount and they are continually developed and checked throughout the year.

COA has developed the tests and reports offered in Eidos Career for Indian students, keeping in mind their subject combinations, areas of study and career opportunities. We highly recommend that every student takes the COA Preview and Profile tests so that they can benefit from the vast experience and services provided by COA