We aim to provide a scientifically, tried and proven testing system to assist in selecting the right career. For this we have tied up Cambridge Occupational Analysts who for the last 30 years has worked with more than 3,000 schools in the UK and across the globe in over 50 countries to deliver a fully comprehensive range of aptitude tests. They offer 2 tests for a high school student - Preview and Profile.

Preview is a career guidance programme designed for students likely to take their career decisions.It is based on an interest questionnaire.Preview analyses individual student responses and produces an Interest Profile based on over 40 broad career areas. Preview helps students to

  • Think carefully about their interests and to identify suitable career areas for further investigtion
  • To develop skills and carry out detailed research into specific careers
  • Understand the likely demands careers will make on them
  • Make informed decisions about their future
  • understand the relevance of subject choice in relation to their more likely careers Cambridge Profile is used by careers advisers as aids in assessing a candidate's potential for a particular career. In almost every careers field, one or more of the test scores may throw light on a person's suitability for aspects of the work. These tests are valuable for pupils, providing an objective assessment of their academic potential. Also, practice in tests of this kind can help students gain confidence and avoid stress when they are presented with similar tests by academic institutions in the future

Developed in association with Dr Charles Johnson, the aptitude tests:

  • Are specially designed to take about ONE hour and 45 minutes in total to administer
  • Are in full colour
  • Can be completed on paper or online (under strict conditions)
  • Comprise a battery of EIGHT individual tests : Verbal Reasoning*, Numerical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, 2D Spatial Reasoning, 3D Spatial Reasoning, Arithmetic Calculation, Working Quickly and Accurately, Spelling