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Complete Career Guidance:

At EIDOS Career we offer you with the best of the Career guidance from experienced counsellors. We conduct a series of tests using the latest techniques so as to understand each student on the basis of their interests, skills and aptitude. We employ scientific career finding techniques that assist students to objectively evaluate their potential and pursue a career that best suits their personality.

  • Providing testing services to understand ability and interest
  • Guidance on & review of subject choices
  • Analysing student potential on the basis of their strength, weakness and overall aptitude.
  • Guidance on future outlook of the career selected by student

Mentoring Students:

We at Eidos Career believe that each student needs a chance to be sure about which career they would like to pursue in life. For this reason they need to look at the career from all possible angles and speak to professionals in that particular field. This will give them a real feel of the career and help them understand what the job will actually entail. We help each student experience a practical exposure in a number of ways

  • Shadowing a professional so that they can actually spend time on the job and get a real feel!
  • Seminars and workshops by industry specialists who will mentor them in their career choices
  • Personal conversations with professionals so that they can resolve all their queries

College Application:

Applying for a undergraduate degree is always tedious work. Left on their own students are bound to miss out somethings. We have developed a unique step by step process of college applications for each country with timed checklists, which make this cumbersome process a breeze for students. College applications do not need to be a nightmare anymore! Moreover we plan and personalise this checklist for each student and integrate it in their schedule along with other activities. This way students are able to manage their studies, extracurriculars, free time and college planning in a systematic and educated way.