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Education Counselling in Kolkata

We often hear parents say, “Focus on your board exams and forget about everything else for a few years.”. While it is extremely important to achieve good grades, it is equally important to understand what a student wants to do after they finish studies. Most students base their career decisions on reasons like - “ I want to do Law because I like to study legal studies” or “my parent wants me to study CA because they can guide me in the studies” or “ Economics has a lot of scope and so I want to study that subject in my undergraduate stage “. How many of these reasons are based on research and critical analysis of the eligibility, interest and ability of the student?

It is very important to critically analyse your interests, skills and natural inclination and match them with the career options. Careers in India are usually divided into 3 categories - Arts, Commerce and Science.

Arts & Humanities:

Arts or Humanities: Humanities is the study of human thought, culture and experiences. Some of the subjects that fall under the realm of humanities are philosophy, language, law, history, art, music and religion. Also, fields like sociology, psychology and anthropology are sometimes included under the humanities umbrella as they employ both scientific methods and humanistic based approaches for their research.

In India, humanities is not as popular as science and commerce due to the software and IT boom of the past two decades, but it remains a very viable career option with a lot of opportunity.

Some common degrees in Arts & Humanities are:-

  • Bachelor of Arts,Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management
  • Bachelor of Arts, Fashion Design
  • Bachelor of Arts, Nutrition and Dietetics:
  • Bachelor of Arts, English
  • Bachelor of Art, Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts, LLB


Science has always been the most favoured stream among Indian students simply because it opens up a wide basket of future career options ranging from engineering, sciences, medicine to commerce, arts & humanities. One of the main trademark of the science stream is that a student can shift to commerce, chartered accountancy or humanities related courses in college, but the same does not hold true the other way around. For this reason alone, science is a very attractive choice of stream for many students. Considering the ocean of options in this field, it is important that you make planned and informed decisions at every step of your career in order to create a career path that best suits your goals and needs in life. Some of the popular science degrees are -

  • Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech)
  • Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS and BDS)
  • Bachelor of Biotechnology
  • Bachelor of Science, Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Science, Physics
  • Bachelor of Science, Chemistry


Commerce is the backbone of the economy of every nation in this world. A degree in commerce will help a student understand how a business functions on a daily basis and to shape the economy of a nation. A commerce degree in business, finance or accounting is very useful as any business, whether it is a small store or a large multinational organization both prefer candidates with proper understanding in finance and accounting. This is one of the reasons why this field is considered to be recession proof. India is the abode to variety of graduate and undergraduate programs which provide excellence in commerce, finance, banking and management areas and there are plenty of multinational companies that hire commerce professionals.

  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Business Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration